Coastal Risk Assessment

Coastal-Risk Flood-Risk-Summit SponsorInsurance brokers and agents often struggle to understand the complexities of flooding and how best to serve their clients’ needs. Should the agent simply recommend NFIP basic coverage and move on to the next customer or should the agent investigate the necessity and availability of greater flood and wind coverages? Should the agent understand just how high flood waters might rise and under what conditions? Should the agent recommend extra coverages for contents, artwork, and valuable articles, due to flood and wind risks? How do insurance coverages for single or multiple properties impact wealth management issues for the high net worth client? The agents have questions; Coastal Risk has answers. Coastal Risk provides comprehensive flood and natural hazard risk modeling, understandable risk communication reports and, a Help Desk “guidance” service to accelerate risk mitigation investments by the insureds. Coastal Risk’s Flood and Natural Hazard Risk Assessment Reports are available online at for purchase by credit card or through annual subscriptions. Reports are usually returned in about an hour. If your Company is looking to improve its flood insurance customer experience, then, look no further than Coastal Risk and its comprehensive flood and natural hazard risk assessment reports.

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