Dan-Freudenthal Flood-Risk-Summit Speaker

Dan Freudenthal

President, Agency Flood Resources and CRIO Group

Mr. Freudenthal is a nationally recognized expert in the area of flood risk, whose innovative services have demonstrated the ability to convert flood risk into opportunities that create enterprise value. His innovative leadership in the field of flood risk has delivered over $5 billion of additional free flood coverage through clients’ property insurance policies, reduced annual flood insurance costs by more than $50 million, increased asset values by more than $1 billion, and has prevented many uninsured losses.

Mr. Freudenthal also co-founded and serves as President of CRIO Group, which is a rapidly growing consortium of innovative insurance brokerage and risk management companies. His companies have delivered specialized flood risk consulting services on a nationwide basis to leading commercial real estate companies that collectively own and operate over 4 million multifamily units and over 100,000 retail, office, hospitality, industrial and other types of commercial properties.

Mr. Freudenthal is a nationwide recognized speaker at leading risk management and commercial real estate conferences specializing in flood risk, and has published numerous articles in real estate, risk management and insurance industry publications.